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Chiropractic Treatment for Whiplash

The average weight of the average person's head is relatively heavy compared to the narrow flexible boney spine and soft tissue supporting structures that support it. This makes the neck vulnerable to whiplash also termed an acceleration/deceleration injury. Doctors of Chiropractic must take a thorough history including, but not limited to, how fast you were traveling, the position you were in at the time of impact, or if you lost consciousness. All these factors can be beneficial in helping treat your trauma injury by aiding in the understanding of what structures were involved and how they were positioned at the time. Even seemingly minor accidents can have potentially serious injuries. Complications can occur if you are improperly diagnosed or if treatment is superficial or unsatisfactory. Most notably, delayed instability may occur allowing for the vertebrae to shift forward.

Some techniques that are common for a chiropractor to employ in the care of whiplash are done in this office.

If you've experienced whiplash and would like our help in your recovery, please contact us to schedule an appointment for diagnosis and care.