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Torticollis Treatment

Addressing abnormal positioning of the head and neck via chiropractic care.

Chiropractor treatment for torticollis

Sometimes called wryneck, torticollis refers to an abnormal position of the head and neck. The most common would be the head tilted laterally and the chin rotated to the opposite side. This condition is generally treated with physiotherapeutic modalities and soft tissue work during the acute stage. Later manipulation of the upper cervical spine may be warranted. As with any condition, the treatment of torticollis depends on accurately diagnosing the true cause of the condition. It is most often seen in small children who tend to respond quickly to chiropractic treatment.  Left alone it tends to resolve on it's own in 1 to 4 weeks.  Any parent who has had a child understands the pain they are in and the need to remove the discomfort sooner rather than later.

As with any work associated with treating newborns, infants, or small children, a gentle touch should be paramount.  If you have a child experiencing pain from torticollis, please contact us to schedule a consultation.