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Post-Surgical Back Pain Treatments

At times a person will continue to experience low back pain after having had disc surgery. This does not mean your surgery was a failure.

Chiropractic Care as a Follow Up to Surgery

The considerations to be taken before committing to surgery are many and should certainly be carefully deliberated, yet for those that have taken that route certain factors must be addressed. Symptoms from the pinched nerve associated with a disc herniation are often eliminated after surgery but low back pain sometimes remains.  Both the surgeon and chiropractor strive to return you to pre injury status.  To do so pressure from the affected nerve must be relieved and strengthening of the surrounding soft tissues is needed.

Treatment can be done by a chiropractor after surgery.  We only ask that you be cleared for treatment by your surgeon.  Treatment can vary depending on your needs.  Returning you to a healthy and pain-free lifestyle is the goal as always. 

How can we help?

Post-surgical pain is often similar to that of chronic low back pain suffers.  As always, it's important to work towards joint health and active living as quickly as possible, yet with care and sensitivity. Please contact us to consult on how to recover from your post-surgical pain.