Buerker Chiropractic

Lower Back Pain Treatments

One of the most common treatments provided by a chiropractor is for low back pain. Lower back pain affects millions of Americans annually. My father always used to say if the car has a dent in the fender you can't fix it by putting oil in the crankcase. What he meant was, you must correct any misalignment and using medication only masks the problem. In my opinion it is ultimately a person's choice on how to treat their low back pain.  You can treat with a chiropractor which uses many forms of treatment, not just manipulation, or you can use over the counter medications, steroid injections, or medications prescribed by your medical doctor or any combination of any of these treatments.  As always we are happy to take a team approach to your health.

Alleviating Your Low Back Pain

Spinal manipulation is often the gateway into alleviating back pain long term. Coupled with healthy changes in lifestyle, introducing lost movement into the joints of the spine, and treating areas that often go over looked by those experiencing low back pain--the hips, mid, and upper spine--a chiropractor can provide the care needed for lower back pain sufferers.  But manipulation is not the only treatment offered by a chiropractor.


At Buerker Chiropractic we have long specialized in treating lower back pain and pride ourselves in getting patients back into an active lifestyle as quickly as possible. Coupled with therapeutic massage and joint mobility exercises our patients have seen marked improvements in their spinal health. We've also treated those suffering from post-opt pain, traumatic injuries, and repetitive stress. Below you can see the type of lumbar manipulation that is common to treating lower back pain.

Our consultation with you will create a full picture of what is needed to manage your health and help ensure coordinated and safe care. Please contact us to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience.