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Facet Syndrome

Alleviate the inflammatory induced pain of facet syndrome.

Chiropractic Care for Facet Joints

Facet Syndrome occurs when the articular joints of the cervical or lumbar spine become inflamed. The joints are the articulating surfaces between two vertebrae as seen in the picture above. The facets are surrounded by a rich supply of nerves and a capsule that provides the synovial fluid which acts as the lubricant of the joint. This syndrome is one of the more common of the re-occurring spine problems. This syndrome can mimic a host of spinal problems, such as a disc herniation, infection, fracture, or torn muscle. A proper diagnosis needs to be done first, followed by the formulation of a specific treatment plan by your chiropractor to alleviate the inflammation and address the predisposing factors that may cause a re-occurrence.


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