Buerker Chiropractic

Auto and Workplace Injury Treatments

When dealing with an injury triggered by an automobile accident, workplace accident, or any other personal acute accident, a number of factors come into play to determine the best way to return your body to it's previous normal state of health. Acute accidents cause damage to soft tissues, muscles, and joints that if not treated properly can become longstanding chronic problems. For example, whiplash can bring on headaches or stiff necks for years. A proper diagnosis and initial treatment is necessary to relieve symptoms of stiffness and soreness as soon as possible and avoid chronicity of a condition.

By getting chiropractic adjustments and starting a therapy and exercise program designed for your specific injury, you can ensure that you have the best functional restoration. Such a recovery greatly decreases chances of ongoing chronic pain, stiffness, disc degeneration, and pinched nerves. Please contact us to schedule an appointment for a consultation.